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Hair transplant surgery has undergone remarkable evolution over the past 15 years.

In the right surgical hands, modern single follicular hair transplantation creates a result so natural in appearance it can only be detected on close examination by other hair transplant physicians.

This is a stark contrast to the very obvious looking transplants of the past.

Quite justifiably, early techniques involving transplantations of groupings of hairs to create a plug like effect and the old fashioned bell shaped hairlines have been the subject of considerable derision.

The remarkable progress reflected in modern hair transplant techniques follows many years of collective research and development and refinement in surgery by dedicated physician members of the recognised medical body on hair restoration, the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

This refinement of surgical techniques has also brought wider social acceptance of hair transplantation.

Dedicated hair restoration physicians do not take this for granted.

There is acknowledgement that the profession of hair restoration must continue with its quest for excellence as well as ensure high levels of accountability and transparency.

Part of the ongoing work for greater consumer awareness about hair restoration surgery is to make it easier for members of the public to find out about the level of experience and ongoing commitment to continuous education of physicians in the field.

To this end, the ISHRS has established a three tiered membership, which includes the categories of associate member, member and the higher category of a Fellow of the ISHRS.

Each tier of membership is designed to reflect the level of further education a physician has undertaken in the field of hair restoration surgery.

The entry level associate membership is awarded to doctors who are working in the field, but haven’t undertaken the ISHRS’s prescribed continuous education.

Eligibility for full membership and the right to use the ISHRS logo requires the physician to attend a minimum of four three day scientific meetings.

The Fellowship Members category is awarded to physicians who have accumulated 50 continuous education points through regular attendance at scientific meetings, sharing the findings of their research at meetings, publishing papers and ongoing professional development.

Along with hosting regular scientific meetings, the ISHRS also provides a broad range of other educational sources, including video and power point presentations on training of surgical staff, for its physician members.

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