Dr Martinick – Review of Martinick Hair Restoration

Operating under the guidance of renowned specialist hair restoration physician Dr Jennifer Martinick, Martinick Hair Restoration clinics are located in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

Having dedicated over 30 years of her professional life to the field, Dr Martinick has earned wide acclaim for her work.

She is noted for researching and developing surgical techniques which produce hair transplants so natural in appearance they are difficult to detect to the untrained eye.

She developed the Martinick Technique ™, a successful synergy of science, artistry and mathematics, with the aim of creating a natural looking transplant, making judicious use of available follicles for transplant, ensuring optimum survival of donor grafts and minimising time spent in surgery.

Dr Martinick is also sought for her work in restorative surgery to correct patient’s previous obvious looking transplants as well as for healing hair bearing areas that have been scarred from burns or other trauma.

Patients attending Martinick Hair Restoration clinics are given extensive diagnosis and advice on the full range of clinically proven surgical and non-surgical solutions available to them.

Essential for achieving better outcomes for valued patients, Martinick Hair Restoration clinic’s demonstrate an ongoing commitment to training and education of carefully selected staff.

The dedicated and highly trained surgical teams are exclusively coached under the Martinick Training System.

Shaped by a core philosophy of ensuring excellence in patient comfort, this training system is focused on creating healthy donor grafts, minimising patient time in surgery and enhancing patient comfort and well being.

For more information contact Martinick Hair Restoration on 1800 689 939 email consult@martinickhair.com.au or visit: www.martinickhair.com.au

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