Parting with Plasma

Can you imagine exchanging your plasma television set for more hair on that thinning area of your scalp?

This is exactly what the majority of men with hair loss said they would do when polled for the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).

The survey for the ISHRS, the world’s leading medical authority on hair loss, finds that some 57 per cent of 2,338 men with hair loss said they would be willing to give up something in exchange for hair.

Among the material possessions cited that men would give up were an expensive car, a plasma television set, a lap top computer, a stereo system or even a boat.

While the internet survey, which was conducted by global market research company, TNS Healthcare, was conducted in the United States, the findings are relevant to Australian men.

In the 25-plus years that I have been specialising in hair restoration surgery, I have spoken to a lot of men who say they’d be willing to give up anything in return for hair.

Of course, in most cases it is not necessary for someone to part with valued material goods.

I have seen a major shift in the attitudes of Australian men over the past five years towards cosmetic procedures.

Many of the men who attend the clinics I consult to in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, tell me they see no reason to put up with baldness and the loss of confidence and self esteem that hair loss brings.

The bottom line is that the Australian public is far more accepting of the look good feel good concepts which include hair transplants and cosmetic surgery.

There is an awakening out there about the exponential improvements that have been made in hair transplants over the past decade.

Up until a decade ago you could spot  a person with a transplant a mile away.

But gone are the days when visible “plugs” were the standard hair restoration treatment.

These plugs of 20 plus hairs were taken from the back of  the head and placed in corn rows at the front. A person with a transplant was an object of derision.

Nowadays, hair transplants performed by physicians who practice highly refined surgical techniques, are impossible to detect to the untrained eye.

However, I still maintain that there is a need for people with hair loss to learn to differentiate between physicians who practice the highly refined surgical techniques now available and those that are not qualified to.

Men who decide to seek the permanent solution of a hair transplant should conduct thorough research.

This should include using internet search engines to find out if a surgeon is well regarded by his or her industry peers.

It is also a good idea to meet with some of the surgeon’s to see the results for yourself and to learn about their experience.

Good luck.

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