Under the guidance of renowned physician Dr Jennifer Martinick, Martinick Hair Restoration Clinics specialise in clinically proven medical and surgical hair restoration solutions.

Located in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, our Australian health standard accredited clinics are noted for providing countless Australians with completely natural looking permanent results.

Representing excellence for follicular unit transplantation, (FUT), the Martinick Transplant Technique ™ has been developed with the aim of creating a natural looking hair transplant, making the best possible use of existing follicles and ensuring optimal survival of donor grafts.

We’re proud to say this transplant technique, which minimises surgery time, delivers greater patient comfort and a better outcome by way of a more natural looking healthy transplant.

While a transplant is the only proven permanent hair loss solution, our clinics also offer Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved topical solutions and alpha reductase oral inhibitors (medications) as well as low level laser therapy.

At Martinick Hair Restoration Clinics, topical, oral and laser treatments are also offered as part of a multi-therapy approach that can be used before and/ or after a transplant.

This multi-therapy approach, which can combine medications and laser therapy or topical solutions, supports the prevention of further hair loss prior to surgery and stimulates healthy regrowth after surgery.

To speak to one of our dedicated professionals about a hair loss solution call 1800 689939.

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